The Emergence And Effects Of Sex On Advertising

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John Gavin
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16 November 2014
The Emergence and Effects of Sex in Advertising When advertising emerged in the 19th century, sex was already being used as a tool to sell products, services or brands. The advertisements usually feature an image of a beautiful woman or man who is either nude or even suggestively sexual, which typically has no connection to the product being advertised. Advertisers know that good-looking models in advertisements serve as a reason to buy the brand. The first recorded use of sex in advertisements was during the 1890’s when a cigarette company inserted trading cards of women who were dressed suggestively sexual. Comic book companies in the 1950s were using violence and sexuality to sell their product to the younger audience. The comic books featured strong and very muscular men and sexually attractive women who had very large breasts. (Adams 97) Similarly in today’s advertisements, an Italian tire company, who is one of the largest tire manufacturer in the world, recently released a calendar featuring models who are fully or half naked. These types of advertisements do not have any relation to do with the brand, yet companies are still using them and people are still buying them. These advertisements are shown on the television, radio, music videos, movies, internet, and magazines. Wherever you walk around to, you are surrounded by advertisements that are looking to catch your eye. Men, women, boys and girls who are exposed to…

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