The Emergence And Evolution Of Social Media

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The emergence and evolution of social media have a significant impact on modern society. Facebook, in particular, with its different features developed by advanced technology, has raised a concern about privacy despite its convenience. There have been various researches into this issue, focusing on different aspects of the problem. However, in this report, only five studies will be discussed. These studies do not only present a brief overview of the issue, but also highlight new aspects. Each research is undertaken with a clear perspective and appropriate method, allowing readers to form a picture of the main idea related to privacy issue. This report is going to review four key features of these articles, including the techniques that the authors employ, their research problems and questions, the role of previous literature in their studies and their major findings. The similarities and differences between the authors’ approaches will also be discussed. There are three main points in these articles that provide crucial insights for my study: users’ perspectives, the contributory factors to their behaviors on social networks and what could be done to secure their own information. The first point, which is people’s idea about sharing information on social media, is considered by two authors. Burkell et al. (2014) examine people’s attitudes regarding their own information as well as other people’s information. Similarly, Trottier (2012) clarifies people’s
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