The Emergence And Evolution Of Social Media

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The emergence and evolution of social media have a significant impact on modern society. Facebook, in particular, with its different features developed by advanced technology, has raised a concern about privacy despite its convenience. There have been various researches into this issue, focusing on different aspects of the problem. However, in this report, only five studies will be discussed. These studies do not only present a brief overview of the issue, but also highlight new aspects. Each research is undertaken with a clear perspective and appropriate method, allowing readers to form a picture of the main idea. This report is going to review four key features of these articles, including the techniques that the authors employ,…show more content…
Similarly, Trottier (2012) clarifies people’s understanding about Facebook surveillance and how they deal with it. Second, Lewis, Kaufman and Christakis (2008) investigate social and personal factors that influence users’ activities on social media. It is evident that there are various elements that lead to certain behaviors, so classifying them under two major groups helps to define them clearly. The serious consequence of ill-protected information on social networking sites have been discussed in a number of studies, so it is essential to discover how users are securing their information. Young and Quan-Haase (2013) identify the privacy strategies people implement on their Facebook profiles and their reasons for choosing certain techniques to protect themselves from online privacy risks. However, under several circumstances, users cannot completely control who actually view the things they share. As outlined in Suh and Hargittai’ study (2015), there are possible impacts of device type and locations of Facebook posts on privacy, and whether the privacy settings that people employ are effective or not, remains uncertain. Data is the key to researching social networking sites due to their constant changes, so different methods have been used in previous studies. In these five articles, both qualitative and quantitative research are undertaken. Two out of five studies were totally carried out by interviews (Trottier 2012; Suh & Hargittai 2015), two by
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