The Emergence Of Social Media

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Introduction: The emergence of social media has dramatically changed the way organizations communicate and conduct businesses. This new found technology is forging and creating new way for businesses to communicate their ideas to larger audiences across the world in real time. Carefully worded press releases, flashy commercials and costly newspaper and billboard advertisements usually designed to appeal to consumers has been replaced with with social media platform that can reach larger audiences in real time. Consumers can post their likes or dislikes about a business or its products in split second. Businesses too have to deal with the enormous feedback they received from their customers on social media. Businesses have to deal…show more content…
With everything there is for business to grow and be profitable, social media is pushing businesses to a whole new level. In this paper, I will discuss and analyze the importance of social media and how Social Media is changing the way organizations communicate and conduct businesses. I will also attempt to synthesize the material content gather from this course and from my research. Why social Media provides enormous opportunities for businesses? The inception of social media has usher in a new frontier for marketing. Businesses are now utilizing this cutting edge technology to expand and compete in new markets. Social media is the most popular community that brings together people from diverse backgrounds. Businesses have realized how important social media is and are taking ever advantage of the enormous opportunities it provides. Social media is so well integrated into our everyday lives. Some people think of social media as a common extension of their communities. This is so because matters pertaining to people and their communities are discussed freely on social media. People are free to speak their minds, information are share without having to go through intensive scrutiny or the bureaucratic nuances that exist in our everyday world. Also, the cost of advertisement and making the business
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