The Emergence Of The Internet And Social Media

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The emergence of the Internet and social media has had a tremendous impact on the theory and practice of advertising, public relations and marketing disciplines. Advertising spending on the Internet has outpaced all other traditional media (Center for Media Research, 2004). In the last two years, the number of social networking tools and the number of people using those tools have exploded, thus the rules are constantly changing and there is considerable uncertainty on how to employ these tools from a strategic perspective. Professionals in the industry have enduUHGWKH³WULDOEILUH´ method of learning how to effectively use social media as strategic communication for products and businesses, and there is still much to be learned. The communication environment has changed significantly during the last two decades. These changes have affected both the theory and practice of all areas of communication. Among these changes include a more integrated approach to organizational communication including, but not limited to, blurring the lines of advertising and public relations. The different areas of communications were once very compartmentalized in their respective silos. Marketing, public relations, advertising, sales promotions, events and personal selling were often separate entities with different communications and objectives. Those areas are merging to consolidate the messages and communicate more meaningfully with customers on a united front. As the industry has moved to a
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