The Emergence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

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Human civilizations have existed for thousands of years but with the existence of these civilizations diseases were right there with them. Even before great civilizations emerged, such as the Greeks and Romans, diseases have been around preying on animals and villages. When a civilization emerges it means that people have come together and built a society. These societies allow for diseases to spread easily because of unsanitary conditions and people being in close contact with each other on a normal basis. But in the past few decades science has allowed us to find cures or treatments for most diseases out there, yet there are still diseases that everyone knows about going around causing the deaths of thousands of people every year. This…show more content…
They just hear about the spread of the disease on the news and are worried they might get it so they then take care of themselves and their family to prevent it. This is probably for the best though considering if people knew how bad the symptoms of a staph infection were they would be a lot more worried.
The most common symptom of having a staph infection are skin infections such as red swollen areas on the skin with boil like spots that usually are either full of pus or drain often. But some of the worst symptoms of staph can occur when it enters the bloodstream. When the bacteria spreads to the bloodstream it is known as bacteremia or sepsis and this can cause heart failure and if the infection goes into the bones it can cause osteomyelitis which is severe inflammation of bones. Staphylococcal sepsis in people has a mortality rate of over 80% (Stoppler).
Prevention of Staphylococcus aureus is not as easy as most people believe either. You will hear people saying to wash your hands frequently to keep the bacteria off, but this only somewhat helps prevention. People actually always have staphylococcus bacteria living on and in their bodies. Staph just needs a chance to enter into a wound to infect someone which is why you should always wash out cuts or scraps and doctor them appropriately to prevent infection. By the 1950s about 60% of staph infections were immune to Penicillin, which was the first antibiotic used to treat the infection (Pray). Due to this a
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