The Emergency Of Climate Change And Why People Are Failing

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Take Home Essay #2 (Response #1)
The article written by Franz and Mayer (2009) explains how an everyday situation or global issue is perceived as an emergency. In the article the authors focus on the emergency of climate change and why people are failing to take action. To help explain this, Franz and Mayer convey to us a system that includes five steps: step one, noticing the event; step two, interpreting the event as an emergency; step three, feeling personally responsible to act; step four, knowing what to do; and step five, implementing the required acts.
While the main point of this article is the aforementioned system, they extend this five-stage model to explore why people do and do not take action against climate change. In the first step, Franz and Mayer provide examples of a couple of things that attest to climate change. Things like rising CO2 emissions and temperature changes are only amongst a few of the things that contribute but two of the main factors. The authors mention that, “People in modern industrial societies like the United States spend up to 90% of their time indoors in artificial, temperature-controlled environment’s” (Evans & McCoy, 1998). It is things like these that contribute to the inability of some to see climate change as an issue because they are so disconnected from the world around them, but as the authors conveyed the opposite, people who are intimately tied to the environment do tend to notice the environmental changes that are taking
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