The Emergency X Ray Room

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It 's just another routine day at work in the emergency x-ray room, out comes an order for humerus on a 5 year old child. The child walks in with their parent or caretaker and you begin to ask, "so what happened to your arm". The child remains silent, while the parent answers the question, "Ronnie was playing and fell off the monkey bars". What Ronnie wanted to say, but was too afraid was, "dad was drinking and threw me to the ground, can you help me?". Yet after the exam he is casted and sent back home to be victimized again. Ronnie thought maybe next time "I 'll say something",or maybe the next time his silence would be more permanent. In the United States child abuse accounts for 1,400 deaths per year, that 's approximately 4 children a day. 1
In the case of a non-verbal child, he/she can only express their pain by crying, relying solely on the parent or caretaker to provide an explanation, as to the mechanism of injury. The sad reality is “around 80% of child maltreatment fatalities involve at least one parent as perpetrator and more than 70% of the children who died as a result of child abuse or neglect were two years of age or younger."2 Abused children have lost their sole advocate and they have no voice and there in lies the dilemma, who will step up and be their voice. Healthcare professional are the front line defense in identifying child abuse and protecting these vulnerable defenseless victims. As much as an estimated 50% percent of child abuse goes

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