The Emerging Challenges in Human Resource Management Essay

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In the past human resources management played more of an administrative role which were consist of processing payrolls, sending birthday gifts to employees, rearranging company outings, and making sure forms were filled out correctly. Human resource management has experienced several changes over the last twenty years such as staffing, development of Workplace policies, compensation and benefits administration, retention, and training and development. These changes have brought many challenges to human resource management profession. According to Ekta Srivastava (2012), these challenges have increased the pressure on human resource managers. This paper will disgust the many emerging challenges in human resource management such as globalization, workforce diversity, technology, and changes in the economic environment and the ways to overcome some these challenges.

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There are various methods and techniques to overcome these challenges that human resource managers are facing in their daily operations.

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There are many emerging challenges that are evolving in the human resource management profession. Due to these challenges the role of human resource management has changed. These changes have increased the pressure on human resource management. Srivastava (2012). Today human resource…