The Emerging Challenges in Human Resource Management Essay

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The main purpose of this article is In the past human resources management played more of an administrative role which were consist of processing payrolls, sending birthday gifts to employees, rearranging company outings, and making sure forms were filled out correctly. Human resource management has experienced several changes over the last twenty years such as staffing, development of Workplace policies, compensation and benefits administration, retention, and training and development. These changes have brought many challenges to human resource management profession. According to Ekta Srivastava (2012), these challenges have increased the pressure on human resource managers. This paper will disgust the many emerging challenges in…show more content…
Because of the widespread of the global market it would be more valuable for the employee and the company to be proficient and educated in the beliefs and principles of other countries when they are doing business. This is a challenge because in order for the company to be profitable the global economy they would need to train employees to be more involved in the global economy. With this approach it will keep the company at a competitive advantage. The second challenge Human resource management is facing is workforce diversity. Workforce Diversity refers to policies and practices that seek to include people within a workforce who are considered to be, in some way, different from each other. Some of the differences in workplace diversity involve age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, physical abilities, race and sexual orientation. Diversity problems are measured to be important and are predicted to become even more important in the future because of the increasing differences in the U.S. population. There is more to managing a diverse workforce than simply just acknowledging differences in people. Managing a diverse workforce entails recognizing the value of differences, tackling discrimination, and promoting inclusiveness. If companies want to be prosperous in future, they will need to employ employees with different background who can add a diverse form of talent that will generate profit to the
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