The Emigration Of Australia During World War II

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The Hungarians who migrated after World War II were refugees who came to Australia looking for a better life and in doing so significantly contributed to the country by not only offering their culture to the development of Australia’s multiculturalism but by also contributing to the academic and artistic life of Australia. The main reason for Hungarian immigration to Australia was the Hungarian Revolution that followed the disaster of World War II. In Australia the Hungarians quickly proved their dedication to making the most of their new life in Australia and in doing so, contributed to the development of Australian society.
The Hungarian migrants who came to Australia after World War II were mainly refugees following the Hungarian
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Naturally many Hungarians fled during the revolution and so 200 000 fled to Western Europe to escape persecution. Australia, along with more than ten other countries, reached out to the Hungarian refugees and offered settlement assistance to approximately 14 000 refugees (History Learning Site, n.d). Another factor that influenced Hungarian refugees’ immigrationt to Australia was that Australia was the furthest country away from the Soviet Union that were able to escape to because of their desperation.
The Hungarian refugees came to Australia during the end of the policy of assimilation and so when they arrived in Australia they were warmly greeted, as shown in this photograph. Society was welcoming to the migrants and were supportive of them because of Hungary’s current situation. The Hungarian migrants had a relatively smooth integration into Australia and they were highly accepting of the Australian culture because of the amount of support they had received from the government and society. However some Australians were still racist towards the Hungarians and isolated them in the work place. When the migrants arrived they were offered two yearlong work contracts in chosen jobs. This was done by the government to quickly turn their new recruits into working, taxpaying citizens of Australia. Unfortunately, there were
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