The Emotional Development Is Essential For Determining What Motivates Her The Most.

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Development Assessing Melissa’s emotional development is essential to determining what motivates her the most. Unfortunately, her emotional development seems to be lacking. There appears to have been a positive attachment or “emotional bond” (Feldman, 2015, p. 307) between Melissa and her father based on her reaction to his absence from the home. However, Melissa does not appear to have the same bond with her mother. Melissa’s mother, Amy, displays a permissive parenting style, offering inconsistent parenting and at times completely uninvolved parenting. Research has shown the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of children with uninvolved parents can be hindered (Feldman, 2015, p. 310-311). Ms. Smith has the opportunity to understand where Melissa’s emotional developmental delays are stemming from with this information and can use that to her advantage in motivating Melissa’s behavioral changes. Motivation and Emotion Melissa has already proven that she responds well to incentive approaches to motivation such as the drive to get a sticker for completing her homework assignments (Feldman, 2015, p. 256). Setting goals is a prime example of an incentive approach to motivation. The aforementioned article by Eccles and Wigfield (2002) discusses how goal-setting could be the key to Melissa’s positive behavioral changes as well as improved academic performance. A meeting should be held between Ms. Subocz, Ms. Smith, and Amy Hershey, Melissa’ mother, determine
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