The Emotional Effect Of Divorce On Children

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Are there Emotional affects of Divorce on Children as opposed to “Intact” Households? Christopher Simoes Patrick Boyle Developmental Psychology 2 December 3, 2013 Abstract: America is the sixth highest country when it comes to divorce, with a statistic of 3.4 divorces in 100 people. These statistics vary on the age and culture of the couple, however, children are a common casualty in these unfortunate circumstances. The emotional influence on children both pre- and post-divorce is difficult to measure due to many variables that need to be considered. The child’s relation with the parents before and after marriage, the age, and location are some examples. Although these articles display data that are used in answering the question, there is some room for a negation on the subject matter. Keeping these in mind, the drawn conclusion of this topic is that the children are usually emotionally affected by divorce, and are burdened with a difficult upbringing due to lifestyle changes that are forced on them after the separation. Every case of separation is different but further research is required by taking in each different variable. Discussion: In America, according to the article by McKinley Irvin 32 Shocking Divorce Statistics , there is one divorce every 13 seconds. This equals to 6,646 divorces per day, and adds up to 46,523 divorce per week. It is a difficult process for a couple to go through, but it takes an even deeper toll when children are involved.

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