The Emotional Impact Of Andrea Yates

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First and foremost, anytime we look at crimes against the innocent and vulnerable people, we tend to be more impacted. Although, most of us claim to be unbiased and believe in equality, we all place different values on different lives. To hear about a gang members being killed in a rival gang shootout, is less impactful as hearing about small children being killed by an Active Shooter in their school. I draw attention to this only to illustrate the emotional impact the Andrea Yates case had on the majority of our population. Cases like this cross a moral threshold that most of us cannot imagine. Be it the love we have for the children in our lives, or our understanding of their innocence. Unfortunately, according to Andrea Yates, it was this very innocence that drove her to kill her five children.

Yates never denied killing her children, she explained it as choosing the best option for them. She believe they were destine to burn in hell if they were to “stumble” after obtaining an age of self accountability. However, if they were to die prior to that age, they would live for eternity in Heaven. This explanation drew much criticism and lead most to believe that Yates was attempting to make up a story that would cause others to believe she was insane. Her candid testimony shocked the conscious of all. At one point she explained how she killed her children, “Noah, age 7, was most difficult to drown because he was the strongest. Noah managed to get his head above water and…

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