The Emotional Vampire: A Fictional Narrative

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The guy behind the piano sang Sinatra songs and flirted with sophisticated women in sparkling dresses that flocked around him. Discrete waiters moved among the tables serving drinks to smartly dressed men that smoked cigarettes stored in shiny cigarette cases. A perfect playground for classy people and she was way out of her league. It seemed like a good idea to broaden her horizon when she followed the whim to go there, but she didn’t feel as certain any more. Most of the men were too old, the rest made her feel uncomfortable. She scanned the room one more time, judged it a hopeless case, took her purse and headed towards the door. “It’s his loss,” a man said as she passed his table. “You can join me instead.” She turned to tell him off but changed her mind when she saw the glint in his eye. “Why should I?” “Do you have something better to do?” “Stuffing myself with chocolate cake comes to mind.” Arrogant, she thought as she studied him, and full of himself. “You can do that here.” He pulled out a chair for her. “I’ll even make sure you get whipped cream and strawberries to go with it.” Those eyes. Something in them tickled her curiosity and she took the offer. “Who was he?” he asked after ordering the cake. “No one. I came here alone.” She studied his face for a reaction and saw the glint again. “Why?” He leaned forward studied her with intense interest. “I felt lonely.” The stern look in his eyes made her feel uncomfortable, but lying never crossed her
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