The Emperor Penguin And The Great

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The Emperor penguin and the Great norther diver they are both are from the class Aves (Magnuson, 2007) .In addition, the emperor penguin since is in the class Aves, the penguins used to be able to flight which is an adaptive trait. But, since they are bigger, heavier, and better at swimming the trait was lost over time (Elliott et. al, 2013).In addition, physiologically the common loon looks different very different from the Emperor penguin looks bigger and can’t fly. In the other hand the common loon is small, is able to fly, swim, but can’t walk (Mager et. al, 2017). Both, species have evolve to either loss or gain traits over time to adapt to their environment. Both species are in the same class but, have different niche in the environment. The emperor penguin can be found in the open ice of Antarctica and they are considered sea-ice obligate species (Fretwell et. al,2014).Emperor penguin, has an advantage in their environment since there are no predators and completion for the resources they eat. Moreover, their body temperature surfaces cool beneath the air temperature since they life in a cold environment (McCafferty et al,2013).In addition, the environment in which Emperor penguin live on is harsh, but they are the only vertebrate species that breed during the Antarctic winter and the reason are not yet known ( Zitterbart et. al,2014).As a result, the climate change in their habitat Emperor penguin are in jeopardy and their population will decline since the
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