The Empire Of Shaka Zulu Empire

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The Empire of Shaka Zulu

Sources are scarce on the Zulu Empire and Shaka 's reign of it; there 's only word-of-mouth stories to go by, in addition to the pieces historians and anthropologists have been putting together for a long time. What they do know, though, was that Shaka was born illegitimate to the royal family of a minor tribe in South Africa. He was passed on to two other tribes, learning the martial art of their time. He was able to show his strength in advanced combat tactics, in a time where people were mostly pastoral. Through his rise and conquest, Shaka was able to change the culture of the people he conquered and left behind, and was part of a series of events that ultimately transformed the Zulu empire entirely. After living with the Elangeni with his mother for a while, Shaka moved to live and train with the Mtethwa people, where he was able to show off his combat and warfare prowess, first as a warrior, then as a leader of a regiment. Warfare at this time was ritual, or to settle disputes, where tribes were invited to fight, and were mostly unorganized, using long spears and insults, with no close combat. He brought in new tactics and styles, in addition to the new, shorter spears he equipped his army with. After assassinating his older, legitimate heir brother, Shaka took control of the tribe he was born into. A few years later, the person who was his mentor and who he continued to serve under, was murdered. This set off the twenty-five years long
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