The Empire Of The Persian Empire

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Achaemenid Persia was one of the first and greatest empires of the Fertile Crescent and beyond, as such, they would come into contact with diverse groups of people, one of which is the Jews of Judea. The Persian Empire is one of the few empires depicted in the Tanach, or Hebrew Bible, as favorable. This being so, it can still be difficult to assert who the Persians, their kings, and their land were in the eyes of the Jews. The stories and depictions of the kings and land do not always agree on the matter and differ on how much detail is given. Persians during the time they ruled Judea have few records of who the Jews were and what they did in the borders of the empire. From what is found, it is still possible to gleam whom the Jews and their land were in the eyes of the kings of Persia. The depiction of Persia, namely that of the Achaemenid dynasty, has largely been favorable in the Tanach. They are presented in the Books of Esther, Daniel, Ezra/Nehemiah, Chronicles, and Isaiah as agents of G-d to preserve the nation of Israel. Yet despite on this commonality they differ on the details. The Book of Esther tells the story of a Jewish girl named Esther and the possibility of the genocide of the Jews. The Book of Daniel tells the story of the rise to power of the Medes and Persians against the Babylonians. The Book of Ezra/Nehemiah tells of how Cyrus the Great was benevolent and permitted the Jews to return to the Land of Israel to rebuild their destroyed temple. The Book of
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