The Employability Skills and Self-Perceived Competence for Careers in the Hospitality Industry

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Significance of the Study

The responsibilities of entry-level managers in the hospitality industry are continuously changing. Obtaining and keeping a management job in a restaurant or hotel requires that a person have the ability to change. Successful managers have the enthusiasm to respond to the changing needs and challenges of their organization (Woods & King, 2002). Some of these challenges are due to the changes affecting the hospitality industry today, Consequently, the curriculum and the methods used to prepare entry level managers in this field should also be design to fit the demands of today’s industry.
Hospitality managers should be able to provide effective leadership to employees which indicated that
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Definition of Terms

The following terms are operationally defined as they apply to this study:

Competency: Those activities and skills judged essential to perform the duties of a specific position (Tas, 2006, p. 41).

Employability: Brown, Hesketh, and Williams (2003), defined employability as the relative chance of acquiring and maintaining different kinds of employment (p. 111).

Employability skills: Overtoom (2000), defined employability skills as transferable coreskill groups that represent essential functional and enabling knowledge, skills and attitudes required by the 21st century workplace necessary for career success at all levels of employment and for all levels of education (p. 2).

Entry-level Manager: Entry-level manager is a management position given to individuals that have attained the necessary theoretical basis for performing a management function.


Hospitality Curriculum and Employability Skills

According to Brand III (2005), “One certainty is that continuous efforts must be made to revise and update curriculum to ensure it is meeting student needs in the ever-changing workforce.” The message from these studies is that educators should reassess their curriculum to ensure that their curriculum is adequately developing students’ necessary employability skills (Walo, 2000). Reflecting on the above assertions, it can be argued that curriculum should be reviewed periodically to keep up with changes and
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