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Employee Turnover
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HTM 150 Dr. Danika Rainer
May 03, 2013


Within this writing assignment, I will briefly identify the hospitality industry. The industry that I will be speaking upon will Mississippi Management Incorporation & Hyatt Place Germantown Hotel and I will explain the categories of employees. I will summarize three reasons why Mississippi Management Incorporation & Hyatt Place Germantown Hotel turnover with this company is so high in this industry. There will be one method to address each of the three primary reasons that turnover is so high in
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* Summarize three primary reasons that turn is so high in this is industry.
1. One reason for the high turnover rate of hospitality staff is the fact that many hospitality jobs do not pay well. Personnel usually begin at a lowest wage rate or below which does not fascinate top eminence long-term employees because these employees are always looking for a better paying position. Situations that pay below tiniest net depend entirely on customer satisfaction and liberality. “Tips”. Around the world, the average beginning wait staff personnel is paid $2.15 per hour by their employer. The rest of their revenue is based pay on the urge of their customers. Monetary turn-downs mean fewer consumers, which in turn shrinkage is wage potential. Add this to the fact that many hospitality positions are seasonal and it is not hard to see why hospitality staff turnover can reach high rates quickly.

2. The second reason for high rates of hospitality staff turnover include deficiency of plentiful doles such as company provided health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation pay, sick leave, additional schooling or exercise programs and other peripheral benefits which are so often perks of other industries. Since the labor pool for a large portion of hospitality jobs is so poor and turnover is so high, a majority of hospitality companies are unwilling to capitalize in programs which would
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