The Employment Of Cloud Services

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The automobile industry requires the organization to be more flexible in its process due to the increased competition in the sector. Thus, Chrysler Group LLC needs to be elastic in order to respond to any market changes and counter competitors’ strategies in the market. Chrysler Group LLC should also be in a position to predict future market trends by involving the consumers in their processes. The employment of cloud services by Chrysler Group LLC will aid the company in developing strategy that will help the company produce automobiles at a low cost in order to sell the products cheaply for the consumers. The use of cloud services will help the company reduce the run-away expenses that are attributed to lack of agility and resiliency. The use of cloud will help the company increase operational efficiency by moving its operations to the cloud.
The performance objective that Chrysler Group LLC seeks to achieve is to increase its market share in the United States from the current 13% to over 20%. This will increase the company’s revenue from the increased sales. The company is also set to reduce its cost of operations by more than 30% due to the increased efficiency attributed to the use of cloud services. The company will be able to outgrow General Motors, Ford and Toyota by reducing its prices of the products. The new operational changes attributed to cloud services will improve the agility of the company.
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