The Employment Of Contemporary Virtualization Technologies

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Cloud Computing Anthony D Payne CSIA 412 Professor Miller March 1, 2015 Through the employment of contemporary virtualization technologies, with the incorporation of advanced tools that expands the coverage of the systems administrator, the cost and labor of operations will be significantly lowered. Efficiency improvement will have a direct impact on operation costs of many institutions. Resources that could have been used in the buying and maintaining data center infrastructure will be used in citizen centered services and other new innovations that can go a long way to assist the citizen and ensure smooth running of the government. Therefore, cloud computing will be a driving force to ensuring efficiency in the way public resources are managed to the advantage of the people. Every public office has a data center infrastructure where its data is stored and retrieved when needed. In most cases, this infrastructure is underutilized. With cloud computing, the data storage sections are eliminated because of pooling of IT Infrastructure resources and sharing across a large number of organizations and offices that are possible with cloud computing. The wastage that is realized when data centered are not utilized is thus eliminated because different offices have peak seasons in different times hence making the system to be put in use all year round. This ensures that public assets are better utilized and loses reduces or even eliminated. Due to fragmented nature of

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