The Empowering Women Through Sports

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Empowering women through sports
“You throw like a girl” this observable phenomenon is intended as an insult. But what does it mean to be “like a girl”? When did being a girl receive a negative connotation? Because people live in a sexist society, all girls are considered almost physically handicapped. Oftentimes guys believe that they are better at athletics based on the fact that they are males. Reasoning that someone is better at something based on gender, is sexist. Sports empower women giving them confidence and strength in the face of discrimination, sexism and objectification in society. This Paper will explain how girls around the world are beating sexism by beating superstition. Showing how women are empowering themselves through sports. By doing sports women gain freedom, power, strength, respect and dignity. Women athletics are defeating discrimination and closing the gap between men and women around the world.

Title IX
In the spring of 1972, the president signed Title IX of the educational amendments. The purpose was to avoid use of federal money that supports sex discrimination. Title IX requires all schools provide men and women equal athletic and educational rights and opportunities. Congress allowed colleges 6 years to achieve compliance. Prior to the signing of Title IX, girls didn’t compete in organized sports. Oftentimes outside of school girls played rule-less, non-competitive, informal sports for physical activity. After the signing in 1972, colleges…
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