The Empowerment of Education in Solar Mamas by Mona Eldaief and Jehane Noujaim

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The universal truth that education is empowering is evident in the documentary “Solar Mamas” by Mona Eldaief and Jehane Noujaim through effective presentation of the Feminist Literary theory and Marxist Theory. Firstly, the universal truth that education is empowering is displayed through the idea that education gives opportunities and unlocks potential. In a world where knowledge is power, any kind of education, formal or informal, is essential. With a good education, an individual is presented with countless opportunities, and will be made aware of his or her capacity to develop into something great. This is presented through a quote from the documentary “Solar Mamas”; “I want to go to India. I know how much I am capable of achieving now! I can’t do anything if I don’t go. I don’t have any skills. I want to see how people in other countries think and work. I want to think and work with them.” – Rafea “Think in Jordan. It’s a better life for a woman to be with her kids at home. Your girls are young, they need you here.” – Rafea’s Mother “They will grow up and leave me. Should I stay like this forever? If their father was employed, there’d be no problem. Bu we’re all sitting here. Look at him; lying on the mattress all day. Is money going to grow legs and walk over to his feet?... If I complete my training in India, I can train people here.” (Eldaief, Noujaim). After just a few months of proper training and education, Rafea felt like she could make a difference. She
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