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The Enchanted Bluff

"The Enchanted Bluff", by Willa Cather, takes place in the bare cornfields of Nebraska during the early 1900’s where only rivers liven up the landscape. Six boys delve into the idea of a city on top of a bluff in the desert, they become captivated with the idea of visiting the bluff. The boys eagerly discuss ways of dominating this mystifying bluff: throwing up a ladder, or using a rocket. All the boys vow to get to the bluff some day. Twenty years pass and none visit it. One of the young boys tells the story to his son and his son thinks of nothing else but the bluff. The author does an excellent job of providing vivid imagery throughout the story, which helps the read to capture a real sense of the town.
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The reader gets a sense of how the boys lived when Cather mentions how, "Tip worked hard in his father’s grocery store every afternoon, and swept it out before school in the morning, even his recreations were laborious (Cather 413). When reading Cather’s works, there is a feeling that she "taught the best of all philosophies, that of love, hard work, and courage (Wells)". Through the tone of this story, the reader easily senses that this old fashioned town run with hard work and honesty is careless. The author does an excellent job of describing individuals in the town such as, "Percy Pound who took half a dozen boys story papers and was always kept in reading detective stories behind the desk (Cather 413). Cather’s writing style shows an "unhampered zest for enjoyment"(Wells). The reader gets the feeling that the character Percy Pound is a young laid back inquisitive boy who likes adventures. Willa Cather not only uses local color to show descriptions of the characters in the story but also in conveying the setting.

Willa Cather provides vivid imagery throughout the story to set the relaxed tone. The reader imagines a very descriptive portrait of the boys’ hometown when the story mentions how " the oblique rays of the light made a dazzling glare on the white sand about us (Cather 411). "Realities and fantasies…her art is a method of preserving the wonder of youthful happiness (Wells). When reading this Willa Cather paints a vivid portrait of where the six
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