The Encyclopedia Of Drug Abuse

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1. Brien, Roberts. "Marijuana. “The Encyclopedia of Drug Abuse. 2nd ed. New York: Facts on File, 1992. 175-79. Print.
Summary: The article in this reference source also offers an overview of what marijuana is, but provides a more thorough overview of its ancient history than the above reference source. What is truly excellent about this article is that it examines the effects of marijuana usage. Also, the article discusses how the effects are highly subjective and dependent on several variables

2. Greenwald, Glenn. "Decriminalization in Portugal" The Cato Institute. Cato Institute, 2 Apr. 2009. Web. 19 Feb. 2012.
Summary: This very excellent article examines what exactly Portugal’s decriminalization policy is, how it works, and the
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Summary: The article in this reference source provides an overview of what marijuana is and its ancient history. Also, the author gives a more in depth overview of marijuana’s history in the United States and the back and forth that has occurred in both public opinion and laws. This article also mentions “a commission report in New York cleared [marijuana] of the charge of being “criminogenic” and attested to its relative harmlessness.” The author also states that the monetary worth of the amount of marijuana being produced in the United States in 1995 was estimated to be 4 to 24 billion dollars.

4. Husak, Douglas N. "For Drug Legalization." The Legalization of Drugs. New York: Cambridge UP, 2005. 3-105. Print. For and Against.
Summary: This very excellent book analyzes the meaning of the terms decriminalize, drugs, legalization, harm-reduction versus use-reduction, and many more. The author goes in depth in his analyzing of whether the government should be punishing people for drug use and at one point, likens that idea to punishing people for eating unhealthy food. The author also examines in depth the arguments for criminalizing drugs, and analyzes why these arguments are faulty in their reasoning. This book also examines the value of drug use and the author explains why the drug war is counterproductive to the war’s goals.

5. “Marijuana Arrests at All-Time High, Far Exceed Violent Crime Arrests." Stop the Marijuana War. Ed. Phill Smithers. DRC, 28 Feb.
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