The End Of A Drought

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Introduction 1Kings 17 gives an inside look of what it is like living in Israel during tough economic times, specifically for the widow. For three years Israel experiences a drought. During the drought, Elijah encounters a widow living outside of the city of Zarephath who is suffering from the drought. Both she and her son are at the brink of death because of the limited resources they have during the drought. In the end the widow learns a lesson in sharing her limited resources despite her sound reason of preserving both herself and her son. Although it is considered wise to preserve self, when the vulnerable consider to share their resources with others that are in need, the LORD will sustain them and have enough.
The Beginning of a Drought (17:1)
1Kings 17:1 begins with Elijah having a dialogue with Ahab. Elijah speaks of behalf of the LORD and informs Ahab that Israel is not going to experience rain in the land causing a drought. The only way that Israel will experience rain again is dependent on the word of YHWH. The word “now” in 17:1 shows that there is now a shift in time bringing the reader to the present moment where Elijah has a dialogue with Ahab and speaks of behalf of the LORD. Observing the word “now” will help give context of what kind of character Ahab is. In 1Kings 16:29-34, Ahab is kings of Israel at the same time king Asa is in Judah. During his reign Ahab is noted as one that did evil in the sight of the LORD. The writer of Kings makes the point to…

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