The End Of A Mind Insane, Fantasy And Reality Are The Same

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Tom Araya sings, “In the depths of a mind insane, fantasy and reality are the same”. The power that fantasy and reality have in human life is undeniably large. The novel The End of Alice by A.M. Homes is a story narrated by a man in jail who claims that he had been sexually abused by his mother early on in his childhood, engaged in sexual relationships with various young girls in his adult years, and conversed with a seemingly pedophilic 19 year-old girl while in prison. Through the scarring sexual abuse by his mother and her unexpected suicide, Chappy developed a distorted outlook on life, ultimately leading him into a world where his fantasies created the potential for some of the scariest realities. The fantasies in which the reader is subjected to come simply from Chappy’s thoughts alone. These thoughts often evoke feelings of horror and trauma, and leave the reader with an ultimate revelation: one’s fantasies are what create reality. The entirety of the book aims to focus on the disgusting possibilities that human beings have the ability to create and bring into the world. When one realizes this, it adds meaning to what Homes is trying to convey. A.M Homes writes The End of Alice to display to her readers the scary reality that could be created when one acts upon their fantasies. A.M. Homes accentuates her point of fantasy influencing reality through very graphic stories that Chappy relays to the reader. One event that Homes uses to show how horrible actions that
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