The End Of Age Movie

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After arriving at the dance it was exactly what I had expected. A semi-full gymnasium of our classmates segregated off into different groups socializing, every last one of them with a glass of punch in their hands. The wallflowers hiding out in the corner near the bleachers. Some lame-ass pop star babbling on about nothing while being played so loud that you couldn’t hear what the person standing right next to you was saying. And, one lonesome buffoon dancing so terribly that they had reminded me of someone having a seizure. But, I’m sure that in their mind they had thought they were the one getting the party started. Yes, the whole scene indeed was a coming of age movie cliché if I’d ever seen one. Of course, when we had walked…show more content…
“Hey, Assholes!” Owen dourly called out with a look on his face that could only be described as stern and contorted. “What the fuck did you just say?’ Harlin, Donnie, and Erik just stood there looking back at him dumbfounded. Their faces puzzled and locked in frozen masks as if contemplating, who the hell are these guys? And what should we do or say next? Tucker then looked at Owen and nodded towards the meatheads while arrogantly saying, “Look at these fuckin’ jack-offs. So much to say just a moment ago and now all quiet like a bunch of scared little pussies.” I had glanced at Katelyn and saw that she wanted to say something before things got out of hand, but I knew that Tucker and Owen weren’t about to do anything here. It wasn 't their style to throw down in front of a room full of witnesses that would surely get the teachers and most likely the cops involved in the process. So, I quickly put a hand on Katelyn 's arm, giving her a little headshake to tell her to just do nothing and let it go. “W-Who... Who are you guys?” Harlin stammered, and I relished every moment of the pure fear that I sensed radiating off of him. “Oh, who are we?” Owen replied smugly. “We 're the guys that are gonna kick the livin ' shit outta you and your friends.” “What 's
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