The End Of Americ Letter Warning

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The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot The End of America, published in 2007 during the Bush Administration, is a non-fiction call-to-action for all American citizens to restore their constitutional values and stand up against an increasingly oppressive government rule. The book argues that the events and policies made during the early 2000’s closely parallel the careful steps taken by previous dictatorships before and through which they come into power. These steps are always exactly the same, occur in the same order, and are done in completely legally right under the noses of unaware citizenries. The author, Naomi Wolf is an American writer, journalist and former political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton. She has been intimately involved with and experienced the inner workings of our governmental system and its processes and policies. With the publication of her socially groundbreaking work, “The Beauty Myth” in 1991, Wolf’s name shot into the public awareness. Her ideas and perspectives lead her to becoming the leading spokeswoman for what was later described as the third wave feminist movement. She also wrote “Vagina: A New Biography” and four other books addressing sensitive social issues. Wolf has also written extensively on topics such as abortion, Occupy Wall Street, Edward Snowden and ISIS. Her work has earned her critical admiration and endorsements by many famous political and entertainment figures. In The End of America, Wolf describes

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