The End Of Chattel Slavery Essay

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Looking back in history, you will find that slavery was always present. There are accounts of slavery in Babylon, Greece, and Rome, all occurring before the Common Era; but there was a major change during the year 1619 in the way slavery was implemented. This form of slavery was known as chattel slavery. Defined as “A civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another” (, chattel slavery targeted African slaves that were brought over from Africa to the Americas to support the production of crops such as tobacco and cotton. Previous to the year 1619, slavery was used as a way to pay off debt or as seen in Rome it existed to provide everyone with an equal opportunity. In examining the start of chattel slavery I pose three questions: What was the true purpose of chattel slavery, why was chattel slavery only in America and found nowhere else in any point of history, and are there forms of chattel slavery that exist today? Answering these questions will be pivotal in explaining why chattel slavery was constructed.
A common misconception that most people have about the word “slavery” is that it is bad or people tend to think about African slaves walking in chains and being beaten. History has shown and proven numerous account of slavery so how come when we think of slavery we seem to think of the stereotypical slavery (chattel slavery)? In fact, Classical Greece was the first society seen that had slave
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