The End Of Conventional Oil

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As the inevitable end of conventional oil draws closer and closer to becoming a reality, there are many fears that the absence of such a relied on resource brings. Many of these fears are concerned with the possibility that the end of oil will cause immense negative impacts and cripple the current infrastructures that rely heavily on oil. Although this is a common fear, the negative effects that accompany oil in general significantly outweighs those that may arise as oil becomes more scarce. For years the extraction, processing, and consumption of petroleum products have caused an immense amount of damage to ecosystems and the environment as a whole. With the depletion of oil, the damages that are being done can begin to be reversed, and our planet will be able to replenish itself from the damage that has been caused. Furthermore, the need for an alternative fuel source for transportation and other various uses will drive engineers and scientists to discover and implement new technologies. This essay will touch briefly on just a few of the benefits that the end of conventional oil will have on our world.
For many forms of technology and engineering innovations, the old english proverb stating that "necessity is the mother of invention" cannot be more true. Due to the many forms of technology that we use in the modern world that rely heavily on oil or other petroleum based products, the lack of conventional oil will create a high demand for new innovations, to which engineers
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