The End Of Education By Neil Postman

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This paper is a response to Chapter Three: Some New Gods that Fail of Neil Postman’s “The End of Education”. This excerpt focuses on what Postman considers the dangerous faith of many in the field of education to engage in idolatry of technology. He goes on to support his argument that concludes that the improvements promised to us by technophiles working in education are not forthcoming and will likely make things worse. Postman writes in this chapter a critique of the logical failings he observes in his contemporaries on how education should be improved. In disagreement with Postman’s opinion I wish to highlight how he has failed to understand how interactive media is fundamentally different than previous media formats and that his focus on overzealous promises from bureaucrats has blinded him to the actual opportunities for real growth in education.
One of his earliest points is to attack the optimistic vision of Dr. Diane Ravitch, the former Assistant US Secretary of Education (Postman, 38). He cites a piece she wrote that creates a fictitious child called Little Eva who elects to learn Algebra while dealing with a case of insomnia (Postman, 39). Postman claims that Ravitch’s child is so different from any he has met on earth and that she must have come from mars (Postman, 39). At best this statement seems to be arguing a point that ignores the context that it was given in and more alarmingly sounds much like a Counsel to Despair. Little Eva could never want to
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