The End Of Food By Paul Roberts Essay

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“The End of Food” by Paul Roberts was a very interesting book to read and quite frankly a bit frightening. Roberts touches on nutritional issues, governmental issues and environmental issues. It is apparent throughout the book that the food production system is not sustainable. The current food system relies on commercial farming and mass production of products. The mass production of food relies heavily on fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. All of these practices to produce food at a mass quantity is concerning. Food safety is at risk when fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides are being heavily used as well. Since food is being produced at such a large rate, one would think that food would be cheaper to purchase, but one would be wrong. Roberts touches on un-reasonable food prices as well. Since biofuels are being used at such a large quantity rising energy prices may be another action that leads our food production to crash. There were so many topics talked about in “The End of Food”, that it is impressive Roberts was able to fit all of his views and information on four-hundred pages. Paul Roberts had many interesting thoughts on our current food system. In “The End of Food”, Roberts presented many facts throughout the book to prove his point and his facts were trustworthy. Roberts wants the reader to understand that our food system does not provide a human with a well balanced diet. According to the United States Department of Agriculture a healthy diet

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