The End Of French And Indian War

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Christyn Sorley
History 103
July 7, 2015
Essay #1
The biggest turnaround in the history of America in the mid-eighteenth century was the end of French and Indian war in 1763. It was hard to understand the kind of conflicts that British people could see between them and the colonies in North America. It is accurate to say that the seeds of hostility and rivalry as well as subjugation of American liberties and deprivation of their properties began as a result of this war. The French and the Indian war were also known as the Seven Year War in Europe. Brits were able to defeat their French allies but this win led to a high cost for the parent nation. The national debt recorded by the British monetary unit in 1763 was approximately one hundred and twenty-two million pounds. As it was an enormous amount as per the living standards of that time, the interest accrued on this debt alone was roughly four and half million pounds per year. This heavy debt worried the king of Britain and its ministers.
The problem of this huge imperial debt was not only faced by the highest leaders of Britain due to the financially draining Seven Years’ War, the cost of maintaining order in America itself was seen as a great challenge. The acquisition of Canada from France by Britain was not sufficient to cool the anger and tensions Britain had with the Indian tribes. Britain therefore decided to employ a standing army to resolve this conflict in America. This decision was perceived by the American…

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