The End Of Life Care

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END OF LIFE CARE I have chosen to write about one of my service users who i was extremely close to and who has a special place in my heart, I had nursed Mrs Mc for 4years before her passing. Mrs Mc was an elderly lady who was 79yrs old when she passed away and sadly she had Korsakoffs which is a brain disorder associated with heavy alcohol consumption, people with this experience short term memory loss it is also knowing as “alcohol related dementia”. Mrs Mc had alcohol issues as she struggled to cope with the loss of her baby daughter as she was born alive then sadly passed away two days later due to natural causes in which Mr & Mrs Mc struggled to come to terms with and unfortunately their marriage later ended as they both…show more content…
People who drink excessive amounts of alcohol are often thiamine deficient as many heavy drinkers have poor eating habits which do not provide essential vitamins. Mrs Mc had been hospitalised by this point and professionals had decided that it would be best for Mrs Mc to receive 24 hour care as she wasn’t able to care for herself at home and didn’t have any family to help look after her apart from her brother J but he wasn’t able to meet her needs at home, Mrs Mc arrived at Applecross nursing home in 1988 so she had been there my whole life time but this helped her through the challenges and struggles she faced and it changed her life in a positive way as we all became her family & I’m sure that the good care she received over the years and lots of love from us prolonged her life span significantly. On my first day at Applecross I was so nervous as this is my first caring job and when I was introduced to her for the first time she told me that I should always curtsy to her and call her by her full titled name Mrs **** Mc**** in which I carried out as she had asked, I curtsied & politely N/C/S 10.1 said nice to meet you Mrs **** Mc**** N/C/S 10.2 she then laughed and replied “your more dafter than me hen! just call me **** (her first name) which made everyone go into fits of laughter including myself, she had this big bold personality
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