The End Of Life Care

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END OF LIFE CARE I have chosen to write about one of my service users who i was extremely close to and who has a special place in my heart, I had nursed Mrs Mc for 4years before her passing. Mrs Mc was an elderly lady who was 79yrs old when she passed away and sadly she had Korsakoffs which is a brain disorder associated with heavy alcohol consumption, people with this experience short term memory loss it is also knowing as “alcohol related dementia”. Mrs Mc had alcohol issues as she struggled to cope with the loss of her baby daughter as she was born alive then sadly passed away two days later due to natural causes in which Mr & Mrs Mc struggled to come to terms with and unfortunately their marriage later ended as they both became dependant on alcohol due to grief and from then on Mrs Mc had a daily struggle to try and battle this addiction and cope with her bereavement plus the end of her marriage. Mrs Mc had a kind heart and a big personality but she wasn’t one to be messed with, she often helped homeless people by inviting them into her home and making a big pot of homemade soup which was her favourite and she used to say that everyone loves soup and bread and it doesn’t cost much to make it she was a kind hearted lady who still looked out for people although she had her own issues. Mrs Mc did this for many years but as her daily consumption became increasingly worse she began neglecting her personal care and her health, she also posed a threat to herself

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