The End Of Life Options

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The moment we 're born, we have already began the spiral into death. As technology advances, medical advances follow suite. These advances carry with them prolonged life, lengthening our lives. But as our lives lengthen we find ourselves confronted with the undeniable truth that in the cat and mouse game of life and death, death always wins. As, we arrive at the tail end of the bell curve of life, we find ourselves overcome with pain and suffering. In an attempt to alleviate suffering, alternatives are sought. The first chapter examines the background of the end of life options available in California for a person with brain cancer with less than six months to live. Next, I will continue, by presenting the underlying questions which will be used to answer. There are ultimately three options one can take when deciding what to do at the end of life. One, you can do nothing. Of course this would be the most painful of the three. You would forgo any medical treatment and slowly wither away without the assistance of drugs which would help you with your pain until the time of death. In all practicality, this option is not pragmatic and directly contradicts human nature to seek pleasure and avoid pain and suffering. It is only mentioned because of logical possibility. Therefore, it will get no further mention in this paper. Two Hospice care ,Because Palliative care and hospice almost indistinguishable ,and Pallative is allways prescribed as part of Hospice, I will
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