The End Of Men : And The Rise Of Women

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Rosin’s Take
The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, by Hanna Rosin, presents a new phenomenon of gender role reversal. Rosin explicates the transformation of women’s roles and the deterioration of men’s roles in education, work, and familial structures. Rosin provides detailed accounts of actual persons, statistics, and brief historical data on gender roles and how they transpired. The narrative demonstrates a separated gender gap, hence the title The End of Men: And the Rise of Women. The Women portrayed have progressed on all accounts while men steadily have taken a step back. Rosin introduces several individuals, both men and women through stories of her interviews who would challenge the status quo or deny it altogether. Her approach seeks to inform others of the gender inequality transformation that has ultimately left men behind. The transition of gender roles is at the forefront of End of Men. Rosin illustrates her journey in her unending pursuit of research concerning the present roles of men and women at home, in school and at the workplace. Moreover, she creates two characters, cardboard man and plastic woman. This construction of characters lay her foundation in demonstrating men are inflexible and women flexible which allows women to progress and men to remain stagnant, an epidemic she claims is plaguing men all over the country. Hannah Rosin’s book, End of Men: The Rise of Women explicates women as solid groundbreakers who are paving the way for gender
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