The End Of Reconstruction During The Civil War

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In the lead-up to WWI, the United States faced a variety of economic fortunes and misfortunes. After the Civil War, there had been unprecedented economic growth, however the Panic of 1873, shook the economy to its core. Recovering from the Panic took the recovery of American industries, such as tobacco farming and cotton. However, competition in both of these areas had increased and markets that previously relied on American exports, such as Great Britain, had found, or created, new sources for these goods. That left the US in a position where it needed to find new markets for its goods. And if Europe wasn’t that market, then it had to be South or East. Meanwhile, the end of Reconstruction had created a society that began to accept racism as a cultural norm. Belief that Anglo-Saxon Protestants were the most suited to run the nation, and the world, became pervasive in America. That can be seen in immigration, where immigrants from Northern Europe are accepted into American society freely, while Southern and Eastern European immigrants are discriminated against. This created a second-class of Americans, more free and accepted than blacks but thought of as less-than other whites. This becomes important as industrialization sweeps the country and cheap labor is needed for factories across the country. Discrimination meant that these immigrants could be employed in factories where they would work for very little money compared to other whites. Cheap labor meant larger profits for
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