The End Of The Beginning

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The End of the Beginning In hell, childhood ends at nine. You trade in your navy blue skort for a khaki one. Your plaid jumper for a white button down shirt and a skirt. And your paperback Worldly Wise books for a hardcover textbook. Generally, nine-year-old me would over exaggerate. I wouldn 't cry, I 'd sob. I wouldn 't walk, I 'd run. And I wouldn 't laugh, I 'd cackle. But the Epiphany upper school was truly awful. Epiphany believed in a classical Catholic upbringing. No one got a second chance. Know one was happy. Everyone wanted out. Although I wasn 't happy, and my brother had already left Epiphany, in my mind public school was not a sufficient escape from my misery. The public school kids were…show more content…
It would go on our final report card and would happen to fall right on the week of the Lab test. My parents got a tutor for the Lab test so that I would be prepared and would have a good chance of getting in. When I first met my tutor, he sat me down and showed me all of the possible things that could be on the test. “What on the list have you learned yet?” I looked up and down the list and truly didn’t understand anything on it. I was bad at math, I knew that that’s why I was being tutored but was I just plain stupid? Were fifth graders supposed to know what algebra was and how to find x and what five to the negative first power was, and how to subtract negatives? Was I the only fifth grader that didn’t know about any of this? I read the list up and down, over and over. Not knowing how to respond I pointed to three out of the five on the list and said that I knew a little bit about these three. He nodded and wrote something down in a huge notebook filled with different papers sticking out from all around. He gave me three sheets to work on over the week and then began our lesson. I focused as hard as I could on the math. I had to know this. I didn’t want to be the idiot that couldn’t even finish the Lab test. There was nothing more important to me than understanding the five concepts on that sheet of paper. The following day after the tutor, the group I walked with to Stuy Town and I had stopped at the ice cream truck outside the lower school. We
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