The End Of The Civil War

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After the American Civil War, African Americans believed that their lives would improve. The Union had won the war, and the United States was whole again. There was hope, and above all, they were finally free. Even things were changing inside the government. Before the Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln realized the states needed to have government officials loyal to the Unionist cause if the war was to end. So, after encouraging Arkansas to ratify a new state constitution in 1864, Arkansas citizens elected Isaac Murphy as Governor in hopes that Arkansas would rejoin the Union. He proved successful. Arkansas rejoined the Union at the end of the war. Moving forward three years after war, Powell Clayton “became the one of the youngest governors in Arkansas history” at the age of 34. In his inaugural address, he explained to the citizens everything he intended to do while governor. He warned that if anyone was caught keeping voters from the polls, they would face “severe pains and penalties of an outraged law” , and he declared that he would form a militia. Clayton, also, encouraged immigration and the railroad, and encouraged citizens to pay off their debts. Most importantly, Clayton created the Board of Education and required the formation of better school systems. All of the ideas presented were great in theory. It made it seem that Arkansas was full of promise for everyone. However, due to several groups of people and certain events, white Unionists and

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