The End Of The Civil War

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Following the Civil War, the Government acquired the task of reassembling the country in a way that would not destroy the peace that had come since the war’s end. Reconstruction centered around striking a balance between the rights of African Americans and white Southerners in order to create a sense of equality in America. Before his untimely death in 1865, Lincoln had begun the task of putting the country back together with the 10% plan. He aimed to pardon every southern Confederate, and readmit each state if 10% of its voters, determined by the election of 1860, took an oath of loyalty. Lincoln allowed the states to adopt a new constitution as long as it prohibited slavery (Ash n.p). Within the next five years, the Thirteenth,…show more content…
They threw rebellious southern states that disagreed with the terms of reinstatement out of the Union again and again until they conformed. During this period, no method of punishment for the South’s resistance existed that would avoid causing more problems and discord. Government leaders realized that they must take action in order to solve the cultural, economical, and social issues forming in the country.
First and foremost, a plan to better reconstruct the America after the war needs to establish the state of African Americans in a slave free society. Without knowing where they stand, solving the bigger issues like violence and economics may prove impossible. My plan centers around creating a life for people who could never afford one, therefore the Government would grant full citizenship to each person, black and white, born or naturalized in the United States. With full citizenship, each African American claims the right to vote and live as any white citizen would. Necessary government action taken would arm African Americans with a means of security and education to survive and even prosper in the South. Although it may be extremely difficult for white southerners, it is imperative to permit blacks to vote. America’s foundation includes the concepts of freedom and equality, therefore our government should strive to uphold those ideals among the people, even if it
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