The End Of The Cold War

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The United Nations was handed the sacred duty of, in its own words, “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.” While the UN was able to prevent another great war, and to an extent other large regional wars, it has still not met its key tenet of saving generations from the scourge of war. I believe that the UN has failed to promote peace successfully in the world, and its job as facilitator of peace hasn’t been met when countless conflicts have continued all over the globe. I believe that the UN has failed to promote world peace because, it has failed to create a system where collective security is followed by member states, it has failed to create a formula where peacekeeping can work successfully and consistently, and has…show more content…
For a mission to be peacekeeping, the UN needs to be invited by at least one side, and more commonly two. The forces on a peacekeeping mission are usually lightly armed in order to prevent them from acting aggressively, while also confirming its role as a peacekeeper that is neutral. The main role of the peacekeepers is to act as a buffer and report when a country violates a ceasefire. The peacekeeping force enters after the conflict has started and its mission is to fulfill the mandate provided by the council. Lately peacekeeping missions have focused more on aid and state building rather than just preventing conflict. Recently there have been calls for the UN to move from peacekeeping to peace enforcement in some situations. Peace enforcement usually requires a larger, better, and heavier equipped force that won’t just keep the peace, but enforce it if it has too. With peace enforcement, the UN would like to stop more conflicts before they start because the threat of a large UN force being called in might make some countries question going on the offensive in a war. For a peace enforcement mission to be successful, the orders and mandate given must be very clear to the troops so that they can respond in war in real time and not be held up in bureaucracy. Peace enforcement also doesn’t require the force to be impartial or to find the aggressor, but to work in the most efficient way possible to end the fighting. While collective security hasn’t been a complete failure,

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