The End Of The Cold War

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Dilan Hussein Professor Fisk Poli 153 Aug 30, 2016 Final The end of the Cold War meant change around the world, mainly in Europe. We have since seen the unification of Germany, the work of unity within other countries and possibly a balance of power. Our relations with other nations may have continued to develop or diminish but the Cold War had changed Europe’s future. Many had questioned what role the EU would have in international politics, whether the formation would succeed and what this meant for the transatlantic relationship? The US and EU relationship is a complicated one. The EU has always been seen as a loyal ally of the US but it has also been seen as one of the US’s many competitors. Witnessing the relationship change throughout time, Robert Kagan had stated “Americans from Mars and the Europeans are from Venus” (Kagan, 1). This quote can have many interpretations but one meaning behind this is most clear, the EU are weaker than the US when dealing with international and diplomatic affairs. This meaning can suggest that there is a competitive relationship, the US may have played a role in guiding the EU but never expected them to become any form of competition. I believe that it was during this period that forced many states to reevaluate the way the power had been distributed, especially as many new challenges had appeared post Cold War. With every relationship there will be similarities and differences, this would no different between the US and the EU. Both

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