The End Of The Dark Passage Essay

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At the end of the dark passage was a room identical to the secret alcove in his court.

For all of Jingyan’s trepidation and anticipation, nothing happened. He kept a hand on the wall and followed the sound of Su Zhe’s footfall through the unobstructed passage until dimming sunlight split the darkness. They exited into a crumbling structure with moldy beams and tangled spider webs, a deserted court with a backdoor into the mountains that rose on the east border of Hua.

Jingyan followed Su Zhe through a grassy meadow and into a forest.

Sometime in the middle of their walk, the last rays of the sun slinked behind the horizon and left them in the shadows of the gnarled oak trees. Twigs and fallen leaves crunched under his boot as Jingyan picked his way through the damp moss of the forest path, dodging sagged branches and stepping over surface roots. The wind was beginning to pick up, gently rustling the thick, dark green leaves of the shrubs nearby. Su Zhe walked on his right, body obscured by his oversized cloak.

"Don 't you have anything to say to me?" Jingyan 's question broke the silence that 'd hung about since the hidden corridor was revealed.

“When you follow me without a question or comment," said Su Zhe. “Was it trust?”

Jingyan glanced at Su Zhe. Trust was a heavy word. He didn’t dare to trust, but being by Su Zhe’s side brought him no small amount of familiarity and amenity. At the end of the long pause and forest trail, Jingyan answered, “Part curiosity and part…

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