The End Of The Emperor Essay

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The End of the Emperor The morning sky of June 18 let out a warm breeze out on the town of Waterloo, Belgium, but that does not excuse the fact that the ground was all wet and soggy. Last night, we experienced some heavy, very uncomfortable rain, which had led to a sleepless night. As I sit near my tent with my battalion, I see a courier riding up to the command tent where he would find the Duke of Wellington. The message must be urgent, as the courier whizzed past us, his horse nearly trampling some of the men. He may have been riding a bit too fast for the soggy ground, because his horse nearly slipped and the rider fell off. We all laughed so hard that we didn’t even notice the messenger leave until he came out of the tent about…show more content…
Before anyone could react, there was a loud boom on our left flank. The explosion wasn’t too far from me, and as a result, my ears started ringing and my head was pounding. That was when I realized that remaining calm during this battle would be near impossible. I looked around me and everyone started to lie down, although I knew that many weren’t going to the ground just for cover. I followed suit and laid there until we were given further orders. The sound of our own artillery was reassuring, but not by much, as I knew we barely had half the number of big guns as the French had. After what seemed like hours, the sound of artillery began to die down, and I thought we were finally able to make our first move. My hopes were dispelled as I begun to stand up, because we were ordered to get down to our knees. I realized that we were about to face the cavalry of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard. Any chances of surviving on the front line were very slim, and that’s where I was. As I braced myself for the impact of the calvary, I watched the onrushing wave of horses stampeding towards us. But this was no wild stampede, it was an organized and disciplined stampede that was known to deal the armies fighting the French a massive toll. In what seemed like seconds, the first line of calvary hit us and I was nearly knocked to the ground. The rider coming at me swung his sword in a downward stroke, and I was able to parry of his attack. As I
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