The End Of The Great War

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All stories are made from the stories of their past, But to get to the heart of the story you must go back to the beginning. In the year 2077 the end of the great war has finally had come to an end. After 18 years of war China had retreated from Anchorage. But the paranoid or just perceptive Americans knew that China would not just slink across the ocean so easily. People knew that the end was coming and took shelter in one of the great underground vaults made by Vault Tec. These underground vaults could hold up to 1,000 people at a time. Even though there was enough room for 150,000 Americans that number was dwarfed by the 400,000,000 people in America. When the sirens sounded people running to their vault were looked at as fools but when the doors closed for real thats when people knew that the time had come. The rest of the Americans slid under the covers when the bombs fell pretending that the burning was just a bad dream. Many thought that the human race would end, But it was just another bloody chapter of human history. The vaults might have gave humanity a better fighting chance if the people at Vault Tec had survival as their only priority. Many vaults were tampered with. 999 men and one female. 1000 people that Vault Tec knew wouldn 't get along. 225 years after the bombs fell one of the last closed vaults had opened, Vault 101 home of the Vault Dweller. The Vault Dweller would leave his home to go search for his dad. After he leaves the vault he finds a town called…

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