The End Of The Medieval Period Essay

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There are many factors that led to the end of the medieval period and brought about the emergence of the Renaissance period, otherwise known as, “the age of rebirth.” Some of these factors would have a devastating impact on Europe, which we can still see to this very day. During the Medieval period, the feudal aristocracy and the Catholic Church emerged as the dominant political forces and were instrumental in imposing social and economic order on the people. Peasants were organized within the manorial system as serfs; the guild system dominated economic life and imposed its own wage, price, and production controls in the system. In religious life, the church reached its height of power and influence, not only the spiritual, but also the secular life of Europe. Europeans were feeling bold to launch an expansion of Western Christendom and sometime between the 11th and 13th centuries, this took place in the form of the Crusades in the Baltic border lands. However, the 14th century would be an era of multiple crises that would weaken and even destroy many of the medieval institutions of Europe that seemed the most durable, and in their place, pave the way for the development of modern Europe which we all see today. During the 11th and 13th centuries, Europe, organized strict feudal lines, finally experiencing the social and political organization necessary for successful agriculture and sufficient crop production. Since much of Europe had been forest and unsettled land after

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