The End Of The Traditional Family Era

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The End of the Traditional Family Era Families have changed significantly over the last decades, leading the ideal “traditional American family” to become, if not already, extinct. Although popular in the 1950’s, a “traditional family” is no longer sought after as modern families have evolved to incorporate diversity and acceptance into the household structure. In present-day, the majority of households encompass non-traditional families, accordion families, divorce, and modern technology. Traditional families have been thought to consist of a heterosexual male and female joined together in marriage. However in modern society, the terms marriage and family are not limited to a specific definition. Gay marriages have led the revolution in changing the concept of families. From New York’s Marriage Equality Act in 2011, to the Supreme Court’s ruling of legalizing gay marriage throughout the United States in 2015, marriage equality has come a long way. Same-sex couples have the opportunity to marry their significant other, while also having the option to grow their family through adoption or artificial insemination. In Visual Portfolio, the TV show, Modern Family, introduces a contemporary version of Norman Rockwell’s Freedom From Want (Colombo et al. 59). Modern Family’s picture features a same-sex couple with their adopted daughter, and an interracial couple. The picture shows the diversity, love, and acceptance included in the family while they celebrate the American…

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