The Endangered And Endangered Species : Diversity

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Yue Yin
Professor Riya Das
Writing 111
15 Dec 2015
The Endangered and Threatened Species — Diversity “Bienvenido, mengalu-alukan, Selamat datang, ようこそ, Chào mừng, 欢迎,Witaj, Καλώς όρισες, Welcome…” (
Have you ever entered a public place and found your attention getting caught up in a giant, delicately decorated poster board hanging on the wall that kindly greets you with the word “Welcome” translated into a myriad of other languages? Have you noticed that more and more educational institutions, especially colleges, are starting to advertise and take pride in their campuses as having a diverse student body? As our world is progressing forward, people are gradually coming to a realization of the importance of fostering diversity on college campuses as well as in the workplaces. Newspapers and magazines have published articles that highlight the different benefits of maintaining a diverse group of individuals in schools, communities and organizations. Nevertheless, despite this increasing recognition and celebration of the countless advantages that racial diversity has brought to our day-to-day life, the emotional and psychological wellbeing for individuals of different racial groups is very often being overlooked by our society.
In the ongoing discussion of the issue of racial discrimination, many believe that the social status for diverse ethnic and racial groups, including but not limited to Asian, Latino/Hispanic, and Black, had significantly improved for…
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