The Endangered Species Act By Pete Mccloskey

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I was inspired to get involved in politics in the 1970s by my local Congressman, Pete McCloskey, a leading environmental advocate, co-founder of the first Earth Day, and one of the original authors of the Endangered Species Act. As a lifelong hiker and nature lover, two of my early heroes were John Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club, and Rachel Carson, a leading conservationist of her time. Today, I enjoy hiking through Catoctin Mountain Park, biking along the C and O Canal, and I am committed to preserving the wildlife and natural resources of the 8th District and Maryland. Among my top priorities as your Representative in Congress will be protecting nature and addressing climate disruption by supporting a transition to a clean energy economy.

Climate Change

Climate change, which is caused by human activity, is one of the leading threats to people and the planet in the 21st century. In the coming decades it has the potential to cause devastating global warming and weather changes that will endanger our health, harm our communities and threaten our national security. The U.S. must address the root causes of climate change by reducing our reliance on carbon-producing fossil fuels, expanding renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, and conserving energy in our homes, buildings, and transportation. Only by setting a strong example can the U.S. hope to win support for a global pact to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are accelerating the Earth’s warming.…
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